2010 June 28 to July 4: WEEKLY RAWSEP: Pending U.S. States statewide OWB & wood stove legislation, State by State

2010 June 28 to July 4: RAWSEP View: Pending U.S. States statewide OWB & wood stove legislation, State by State

AL – unknown
AK – PENDING Fairbanks wood stove regulation
AZ – unknown
AR – unknown
CA – unknown, seasonal wood stove regulations in localities
CO – unknown
CT – Killed in Committee CT Senate Bill S.B. 126 statewide To add wood smoke to the public health nuisance list and to ban outdoor wood-burning (public comment period has ended)
DE – unknown
GA – unknown
HI – unknown
ID – unknown
IL – unknown
IN – PENDING #05-332 statewide OWB regulations (public comment period), The Indiana Air Pollution Control Board could vote on preliminary approval of the rules as soon as July 13, after a public hearing in Indianapolis. The earliest the draft rules could get final approval would be early next year.
IA – unknown
KS – unknown
LA – unknown
ME – some Statewide OWB regulations (Phase II for new installations) passed January 2010
MD – unknown
MA – unknown, Industrial Biomass burning questioned
MI – unknown
MN – unknown
MS – unknown
MO – unknown
MT – unknown
NE – unknown
NV – unknown
NH – unknown
NJ – Statewide OWB regulations passed 2008
NM – unknown
NY – PENDING NY Statewide OWB regulations from NY DEC
2010 July 4: NY: COMMENT on A law counteracting proposed state regulation of outdoor wood boilers was approved in the NY State Senate this week (needs Assembly vote passage (voting January 2011) to have effect). Hummingbird1 Yesterday 09:25 AM
2010 July 1: NY Delhi & Hamden (Delaware County): RAWSEP View: When someone complains that wood smoke is makinig them ill, that complaint is not "harrassment", the wood smoke is a health hazard and the OWB owner is at fault. This kind of language is blam
2010 July 2: NY Ray Brook: RAWSEP View: This article does not talk about the detrimental environmental and the health effects of OWB use: (NY State) Senate approves outdoor wood boiler bill (which negates the NY DEC OWB statewide regulations)
2010 July 1: NY Albany: RAWSEP View: "relatively clean" when talking about OWBs is laughable. (In opposition to NY DEC regullation of OWBs) Senate Unanimously Passes Bill To Protect Outdoor Wood Boiler Users
2010 June 30: NY: RAWSEP View: NY State OWB regulation is necessary because of health effects and environmental effects from particulates produced by Outdoor Wood Boilers (OWBs): State Senate passes bill (opposing NY DEC regulation of OWBs) on wood-burning
2010 July 1: NY Buffalo: RAWSEP View: Outdoor-boilers cause health problems for neighbors, accelerate global warming. Outdoor-boiler rules upset residents
2010 July 1: IL MI & NY: Quantifying immediate radiative forcing by black carbon and organic matter with the Specific Forcing Pulse
2010 June 29: NY Broome Tioga & Chenango Counties: RAWSEP View: RAWSEP View: Compare New York’s proposed OWB law to PA’s reasons for their OWB Final Rule : Weigh in on the Outdoor Wood Boiler Regulations by Friday
2010 June 29: NY New York: Columbia Law School: Domestic Mitigation of Black Carbon
2010 June 16: NY Catskill: RAWSEP View: Minutes 7 to 21 and 32 to 37(end) for anti wood smoke pollution speakers. (Audio) WGXC.org Radio: Audio of Catskill hearing on outdoor wood boilers
2010 June 29: NY Watertown: RAWSEP View: This article doe not mention the health effects of OWBs: (Northern New York) NNY BOILER COMPLAINTS FEW
2010 Junw 28: NY Rockland County: Ozone Alert: Poor Air Quality Expected Today
2010 June 16: MA & NY: Net Benefits of Biomass Power Under Scrutiny
2010 June 28: NY Rosendale: RAWSEP View: This article doesn’t mention the health effects of OWBs. Rosendale wood-boiler law has smooth first season
NC – unknown
ND – unknown
OH – PENDING statwide OWB regulations 2010 (no public comments period yet)
OK – unknown
OR – unknown, seasonal wood stove regulations in localities
PA – PENDING 25 PA. Code CHS. 121 and 123 statewide OWB regulations 2010 (public comment period) ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY BOARD JULY 13, 2010, MEETING Room 105, Rachel Carson State Office Building 400 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA9:00 a.m.  Consideration of Final Rulemaking Ken Reisinger Outdoor Wood-Fired Boilers Acting Deputy Secretary for
RI – PENDING RI House of Reps. H7064 statewide OWB regulations 2010 (public comment period is over)
SC – unknown
SD – unknown
TN – unknown
TX – unknown
UT – unknown
VT – PENDING statewide OWB regulations (no public comment period yet)
VA – unknown
WA – statewide OWB ban, seasonal wood stove regulations in localities
WV – unknown
WI – unknown
WY – unknown
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